Genre: Drama

Format: Live In-Person Performance

Keywords: Coming of Age, Small-Town Issues

Cast Size: 9 (4 male, 5 female)

Duration: 90 minutes

Time Period: 1999

Cautions: Language

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The events of Bowlarama unfold in small-town Mexico, Missouri during an all-night bowling competition for high school seniors. Eight classmates--all bound by a tangled knot of betrayal and lust, each battling their own inner-struggles--vie for a full-ride college scholarship, sponsored by the very corporation that economically devastated their town. As the night deepens, strikes, splits, and gutterballs reveal the hopes, fears, and grudges that have written the closing chapter of their high school lives. Bowlarama finds these teenagers in the midnight space between the old century and the new, adolescence and adulthood, decay and rebirth, and despair and hope. What awaits them as they face the dawn? "Good times."

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