Elvis & Ali: If I Can Dream

Elvis & Ali: If I Can Dream

Elvis & Ali: If I Can Dream


Genre: Historical Drama

Format: Live In-Person Performance

Keywords: Historical Figures, Fame, Music, Race

Cast Size: 4 (3 male, 1 female,)

Duration: 60 minutes

Time Period: 1970s

Cautions: Mild Adult Language

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In the 70's, at the height of his popularity, music icon Elvis Presley felt frustrated and alone; he lost his passion for performing. He reached out to the only person who could understand: fellow icon Muhammad Ali. They met one fateful afternoon at Ali's vacation home for a wide-ranging and impactful heart to heart, discussing parents, childhood, faith, politics, race, and stardom--culminating in an electrifying impromptu performance that could only be pulled off by The King and The Greatest. 

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