Genre: Murder Mystery

Format: Virtual Performance

Keywords: Monologues, Social Media, Friendship, Cyberbullying, Conspiracies 

Cast Size: 11 (2 male, 2 female, 7 flexible-gender)

Duration: 75 minutes

Time Period: Contemporary

Cautions: Mild Adult Language, References to Suicide, References to Murder, Bullying

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No one really knew Sibyl at Venkman High School, but everyone had a strong opinion about her. To some she was an explosive firebrand, or an aloof Sphinx, or even a messiah. A wave of shock and suspicion sweeps through the student body when this enigmatic student is found murdered. As the classmates take to Instagram to memorialize her, the dark underbelly of social media reveals itself as the layers of Sibyl's life are unveiled--some of which could not possibly be true. But the real mystery unfolds as those investigating the death realize that the key to solving the crime lies in the very nature of the Internet itself. In a play written during the pandemic and crafted for performance via social media, the students of Venkman High must navigate the virtual world to uncover the truth.

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