The Goosegirl

A great comedy fairy tale play for high school teens entitled The Goosegirl by playwright J. Myles Hesse with themes of love, empathy, identity, and honesty.

The Goosegirl


Genre: Fairytale, fantasy, comedy

Format: Live In-Person Performance

Keywords: Love and identity, class and power, empathy and kindness,

Cast Size: 5 (2, male, 2 female, 1 flexible)

Duration: 60 minutes

Time Period: Medieval

Cautions: None.

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While on her way to Karthland for an arranged marriage to Prince Wilhelm, spoiled Princess Galiena brags about how beloved she is by everyone she meets, a claim that her servant Hilde is quick to discredit. To prove her point, Galiena challenges Hilde to swap identities in order to prove that Prince Wilhelm would choose to marry her regardless of her royal status. All the while, Galiena’s trusty steed Falada longs to be a warhorse and plots to instigate a war between the kingdoms. But once Galiena arrives in Karthland, she is devastated to discover that Wilhelm doesn’t fall head over heels; instead, she’s appointed as the Royal Goosegirl, and has little idea about the obstacles and lessons that await… It isn’t until Galiena grows fond of the Royal Gooseboy Conrad that she realizes the value of kindness and caring for others–regardless of whether or not they are royalty.

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