Genre: Comedy

Format: Live In-Person Performance

Keywords: Coming of Age, Spiritual, Adoption, Grief, Heartwarming

Cast Size: 7 (1 male, 2 female, 4 flexible-gender)

Duration: 90 minutes

Time Period: Contemporary

Cautions: None

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It started off as an ordinary day for Bryson, a fortysomething plagued by tragedy who buries himself in his corporate job: meetings, meetings, meetings, wash, rinse, repeat. For him, every day has been a grey cloud since the death of his wife. Then, compounding the upheaval, his estranged pre-teen niece Maddie suddenly arrives on his doorstop following the sudden loss of her parents via a tragic accident. Bryson's life goes from grey cloud to green acres as he moves his life and work to Maddie's home in rural North Carolina. Bryson learns the hard way to keep his job afloat with patchy wi-fi, what poison ivy looks like, and how to care for chickens. Most importantly, though, he and Maddie together learn how to heal and build a family in the wake of loss. 

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