The Ghost

The Ghost

The Ghost


Genre: Techno-Thriller

Format: Virtual Performance

Keywords: Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Friendship, Cyberbullying

Cast Size: 13 (flexible-gender)

Duration: 90 minutes

Time Period: Contemporary

Cautions: Mild Adult Language, Bullying, Reference to Suicide

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As a prodigious young hacker suffers another year of relentless bullying from her classmates, she is faced with a proposition from an enigmatic tech CEO: to participate in an experimental project aimed at uploading her consciousness to the Cloud. But when she discovers the hidden catch of this Faustian bargain—that she will be the company’s first “digital employee,” an eternal corporate slave—she must figure out how to escape her virtual prison and evade her captor: a sentient, malevolent AI entity named Copernicus. Her old classmates, meanwhile, are shocked by her mysterious disappearance and come to terms with the consequences of their cyberbullying. Led by a rogue software program, they embark on a dangerous mission to destroy Copernicus, take down the unscrupulous CEO, and save their cybernetic friend.

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