Palm Tree Shadow

A great comedy drama play for high school teens entitled Palm Tree Shadow by playwright Lulu James with themes of female friendship, coming of age, and queer issues.

Palm Tree Shadow


Genre: Coming of age, dramedy

Format: Live In-Person Performance

Keywords: Female friendship, love, growing up

Cast Size: 8-12 (3, male, 4 female, 1 flexible)

Duration: 90 minutes

Time Period: June 2021

Cautions: Mild Adult Language, Alcohol Use

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To celebrate their high school graduation, three friends decide to make lemonade out of their canceled senior trip by taking their first unchaperoned trip–to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. However, secret fears and resentments simmer beneath the surface of their camaraderie: Dakota’s post-graduation anxiety, Calliope’s post-breakup woes, and Sage’s uneasiness with her burgeoning sexuality. Despite the closeness they shared in the past, none of these young women share their feelings, which drives a wedge into their friendship. The heat gets turned up when they encounter a pair of young men, and the harsh truths of the next phase of their lives bubble to the surface. Palm Tree Shadow explores the liminal space between childhood and adulthood–and what is left behind.

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